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September 11, 2011 / straymoon

Presentation, presentation, presentation.

The other day I went to Wasabi Bistro at The Breakers Hotel in Waikiki for a drink and pupu.  Wasabi Bistro is a charming little hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant at the ground floor of the two-storied The Breakers Hotel, established in 1954.  Nothing fancy, no air-conditioning but you can feel the good old days of Waikiki in 50’s.  I like Wasabi Bistro because of their authentic and affordable menu with a little twist of Hawaiian and modern flavor.  And of course they have a good variety of Japanese sake.

Presentation is visual.

I ordered “Izumi Judan” from Yamagata, Japan which is a dry sake with rich savor.  It came in a beautiful cut glass tokkuri (sake serving flask) with two matching cups.  They all sat in a big ceramic bowl with ice and a fresh green leaf.  It was such a beautiful and pleasant presentation to see in the late afternoon of hot summer.  Just looking at this gave me an invigorating feeling even before tasting the refreshing sake.  I knew what I was going to get by ordering “Izumi Judan” but this surprising visual presentation added value.

Presentation is easy and doesn’t cost a lot.

By adding this big ceramic bowl, they have an extra bowl to wash in the kitchen.  By adding ice, they need to make extra ice in the freezer.  In order to add a fresh green leaf, they have to go out and cut a leaf at the hotel garden.  It takes minimal effort and cost to do these thing but the pleasure they can give to the restaurant patrons is much bigger.  Their hospitality and close attention to detail touch their heart.

Presentation, presentation, presentation.

The content has to be good because all customers expect to get the best value.  When they receive good product with nice presentation, they feel they receive much greater value than they actually paid for.  Presentation doesn’t need to be costly but needs some creativity.  If nice presentation make customers feel good, it’s worth to try.

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